About the Author


Charles Greenberg

University Library Director at Wenzhou-Kean Universtiy

  1. Wenzhou-Kean University,
  2. San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science
  1. Yale University School of Medicine
  2. Columbia University Augustus C Long Health Sciences Library
  1. Teachers College of Columbia University
  2. SUNY Albany School of Library & Information Science

Adjunct Library and Information Science Instructor

Former IMLS Grant Project Director

  • High School to Health Sciences Librarianship and Informatics [2005-2009 IMLS LIBRARIANS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY AWARD NO. RE-03-05-0020-05, NANCY RODERER, PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR]

Previous NNLM RML Subcontract Project Director (2010-2011)

Professional Philosophy

The most consistent efforts and professional accomplishments that I have embraced are life-long information skills, effective teaching with technology, and open knowledge to address global inequities in education and research.

During my academic appointments at Columbia University, I returned to my own learning goals at Teachers College, focusing on communication, computing, and technology in education. The international focus at Columbia provided my initial opportunities for bridging cultural differences with information literacy and knowledge management techniques.  During my current appointment at Yale University, citation management, evidence-based decision making, and Internet communication and research techniques have become core competencies in the health sciences professions. In late 2013 I accepted the appointment as the Library Director at the first U.S. branch campus for undergraduate higher education to teach Chinese students in the English language of instruction…right out of high school.   Now I will lead the movement of Connected Learning on my campus.

As a technologist and librarian, I am proud to have developed an international conscience. I participate in the electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) open knowledge movement and serve on the Board of Directors for the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD). The open knowledge movement, focusing on the reduction of disparities in scholarship, will continue to foster international exchange. In our world of mutual dependence and global integration, we must produce discovery and reject the perpetuation of knowledge inequities.

Education is a uniquely human privilege. To fulfill a constructive mission in life with composure and confidence, one must enter the worlds of learning, first as students and later as mentors for the next generation.  Educators, those that imagine, construct, and apply structure to teach others, are awakened to their own mission to respond to learners. I am fulfilled and continually renewed by my role as a librarian and academic educator for seeking minds.


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